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Values-oriented dialogical communication supports multicultural classroom

A comprehensive article entitled “Teachers’ perceptions of values-oriented dialogic communication in a multicultural learning environment“ on how value discussions can support students in multicultural classrooms is available in the recent Estonian Journal of Education.

In the article written by Mari-Liis Nummert, project manager of the Centre for Ethics, University of Tartu, Halliki Harro-Loit, Professor of Journalism at the Institute of Social Studies, and Mari-Liisa Parder, a research fellow in ethics, teachers who have experience with multicultural learning environment and who have participated in students’ values game “Discovering Values” training programme on migration and refugees, were interviewed.

In the article, the authors write that students with different cultural identities and cultural experiences, need values-oriented dialogic communication that helps them to understand cultural practices, behaviours and values of themselves and others. Their analysis confirmed that dialogue and dialogical communication skills (e.g. listening) and attitudes (e.g. openness) are important in a multicultural learning environment.

The new issue of EHA was released on November 1 and can be read at

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