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From 13 to 15 May, a representative of the Centre for Ethics and the Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics at the University of Tartu visited the University of Konstanz in Germany to celebrate two de…
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The Day of Women and Girls in Science was established at the initiative of the UN in 2015, aiming to underline the significant role of women and girls in the development of science. Today’s world is …
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Professor Margit Sutrop, Head of the Centre for Ethics at the University of Tartu, took up her position as a member of the Parliament of Estonia last week, being a substitute member of the new govern…
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The Digital Cleanup Week takes place at the university this week and all members of the university are invited to declutter their personal or their unit’s digital life to move in small but effective …

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The Centre for Ethics, University of Tartu

The Centre for Ethics of the University of Tartu was established in June 2001 as an interdisciplinary unit within the Faculty of Philosophy. Starting from January 1st 2009, the Centre for Ethics is a consortium. The faculties that participate in our work are as follows: faculty of arts and humanities, faculty of social sciences, faculty of medicine and faculty of science and technology.

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Publications and books
Over the years Centre for Ethics has published or helped to publish several books which include translations, collections of conferences and papers, handbooks, etc. Our publications are mainly in …


The current collection is the result of the merger between the Centre’s library and the library of the departments of philosophy and semiotics. It is primarily aimed at fostering research and learnin…