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Publications and books

Over the years Centre for Ethics has published or helped to publish several books which include translations, collections of conferences and papers, handbooks, etc.

Our publications are mainly in Estonian. A few, that have been published in English, are marked with such information below.

Latest publications

Handbook of Applied Ethics

What do you hold dear?

Analysis of Values Development for Advanced. Handbook for Schools and Kindergartens

Homeroom teacher's handbook. A values education guide for teachers and headmasters.

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Handbook of Applied Ethics


What do you hold dear?


Analysis of Values Development for Advanced. Handbook for Schools and Kindergartens


Homeroom teacher's handbook. A values education guide for teachers and headmasters


Feedback. A Handbook for Teachers, Parents and School Leaders


An open beginning: a selection of recipes to create a multi-cultural kindergarten

On the Verge of Chaos and Order. About Upbringing and Education. Personally


Opportunities for Values Development. Experiences and Practical Tools

The Good School Handbook (hardcover)

Estonia AND Nordic Countries - Estonia AS a Nordic Country?

Estonian Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (renewed 2023)


Codes of Conduct: Values, Norms and Ethical Dilemmas

The Good School Handbook (digital)


Teaching Your Children Values. Linda and Richard Eyre


Values-based School. Practices in Estonia and in the World

The Doors of Estonia – From, Within


Short plays. Means of Values Education for Schools

Teaching Methods in the Service of Values Education – Why and How?


Values Education in Teacher Training. Olga Schihalejev

Analysis of Values Development - Why and How?

Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics Special Issue "From Informed Consent to No Consent?" (in English)

Ethics in Sciences and Society. University of Tartu Centre for Ethics 10 (in English)


Values in Early Childhood: Value Education at Pre-School (2nd edition 2014)


Values, Character and School: A Reader About Value Education

Values and Value Education: The Choices and Chances of Estonian and Finnish Schools in the 21st century

Patriotism and Nationalism: A Selection of Key Contemporary Philosophical Texts


Contemplating Estonia - Upholding Common Values

Key Texts in Environmental Ethics


Estonian Female Ministers: Collection of Writings about Women at the Top of Politics

In Which Estonia Do I Want To Live?

Handbook of Codes of Conduct


Centre for Ethics 2001–2006 (in English)

Ethics: Interdisciplinary Approaches (in English)


Ethics: Discovering Right and Wrong. Louis P. Pojman

Science and Knowledge-based Society

Introduction to Political Philosophy. Jonathan Wolff

Values and Conflicts in Environmental Ethics (in English)


Trames Special Issue "Human genetic databases: ethical, legal and social issues"

Collection of the conference "To Be or to Have"

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The exhibition "Kant 300 in Tartu: from manuscripts to heaven"

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Practical ethics handbook compiled by Kadri Simm won the best Estonian-language university textbook award 2023

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