The current collection is the result of the merger between the Centre’s library and the library of the departments of philosophy and semiotics. It is primarily aimed at fostering research and learning in philosophy and ethics, it holds about 7000 different items. The books are listed in the ESTER electronic catalogue (common catalogue of the Estonian research libraries).


General information and opening hours

Location: Jakobi street 2, III floor (at the end of the corridor, room 329)
Phone: +372 7375 413

Opening hours

Mon. 12–17

Tue.–Thu. 11–17

Fri. 11–16


The books can also be returned to Jakobi 2 building admin table and to the return box by the smart lockers at the main UT library.

Majority of the collection is taken up by following fields: moral philosophy and political philosophy, applied ethics (bioethics and medical ethics, environmental ethics, public ethics etc.) philosophy of law, aesthetics, artificial intelligence and ethics, and research ethics. Represented are also the various disciplines within philosophy: history of philosophy, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of science. The majority of books are in English but there are also books in Estonian, German and other languages. Books are arranged in thematic order.

01. Encyclopaedias and manuals
02. Dictionaries
03. General works on philosophy, anthologies and text-books

03.01. Classical philosophy
03.02. Philosophy of the Middle Ages
03.03. Modern Philosophy

03.03.01. French and Netherlands (early modern)
03.03.02. British Modern Philosophy
03.03.03. Enlightenment Philosophy
03.03.04. German Philosophy

03.04. Contemporary philosophy

03.04.01. Continental Philosophy
03.04.02. Anglo-American (analytic) Philosophy

04. Philosophy of Science (general)

04.01. Philosophy and Methodology of the (Natural) Sciences
04.02. Philosophy and Methodology of the Social Sciences

05. Philosophy of Language
06. Philosophy of Mind
07. Metaphysics and Epistemology
08. Logics
09. Ethics. Text-books, introductions, general works, anthologies

09.01. Theoretical and Normative Ethics
09.99. Miscellaneous  

10. Applied Ethics. General works, anthologies

10.01. Public Ethics
10.02. Bioethics and Medical Ethics

10.02.01. Medicine and Law
10.02.02. The Ethical Implications of Gene Technology

10.03. Environmental Ethics
10.04. Business Ethics
10.05. Ethics of Science
10.06. Media Ethics
10.99. Miscellaneous

11. Subjects related to Ethics

11.01. Anthropological, psychological and biological bases of morality
11.02. Free will
11.03. Theory of Action

11.03.01 Practical Reasoning

11.99. Miscellaneous

12. Political Philosophy (general works, anthologies, text-books)

12.01. Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought
12.02. State
12.03. International Relations and Politics
12.04. Democracy
12.05. Nationalism
12.06. Political Theories and Philosophy
12.07. Justice
12.08. Marxism and anarchism

13. Philosophy of Law
14. Socialia

14.01. Frankfurt school
14.02. Economic theory and politics
14.03. Feminism
14.04. Social Psychology
14.05. Cultural Studies

15. Philosophy of Religion
16. Aesthetics and literary theory, rhetoric
17. History and Philosophy of History
18. Philosophy of Education and Pedagogy
19. Journals

19.01. Akadeemia
19.02. Bioethics
19.03. Proceedings of Aristotelian Society [PAS]
19.04. Trames
19.05. Environmental Ethics (EE)
19.06. Niin et näin
19.07. The Hastings Centre Report (HCR)
19.08. Acta Philosophica Fennica (APF)
19.09. Journal of Mass Media Ethics (MME)
19.10. Jahrbuch für Wissenschaft und Ethik
19.11. European Review
19.99. Separates

20. Publications of the Department of Philosophy

20.01. Studia Philosophica
20.02. Collections and compilations
20.03. PhD theses

21. Series in Estonian

21.01. "Avatud Eesti Raamat"
21.02. "Eesti mõttelugu"
21.03. Estonian society and culture

22. Rara

How to borrow books

Anyone with a Tartu University main library card can borrow books. Reference books, recent literature and journals of the current year can not be borrowed.

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