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Professor of Practical Philosophy Margit Sutrop is the Head of the Centre for Ethics since it was established in 2001. She holds an undergraduate degree in journalism and a master's in philosophy from University of Tartu, she got her PhD in Philosophy from Konstanz. She is a member of Academia Europaea. Margit Sutrop is a visiting scholar at the Collegium for Advanced Studies at the University of Helsinki from January 2020 to June 2020.

Her current research interests include moral and political philosophy, bioethics, research integrity, AI ethics, aesthetics and philosophy of education.

Margit Sutrop has published a number of scientific and popular-scientific articles. She is an ethics expert at EC Directorate-General for Research & Innovation, Research Executive Agency (REA); a member of the international board of Centre for Ethics at the Universities of Konstanz and Tübingen; she is a member of the streering committee of Estonian long term education strategy; and a member of the ethics council of the North Estonia Medical Centre.


E-mail: margit.sutrop@ut.ee


Triin Paaver started working as a coordinator for the  Centre for Ethics in May 2006. As of December 2019 she is the administrative manager of the Centre and manages it's everyday activities and finances, she also assists Professor Sutrop. She is a member of Ethicsweb editorial team.

She graduated from the department of semiotics of the University of Tartu in 2006. From 2017 to 2019 she studied at the Tallinn University of Technology and graduated with an MA degree in human recources management. From 2016 she is a member of the council for the Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics and a member of the board for the non-profit organisation Society of Philosophy Friends. 

E-mail: triin.paaver@ut.ee


Kristi Lõuk works for the Centre for Ethics since 2003. She currently works as a project manager and her research topics are research ethics and research integrity.

Kristi has a BA and MA in philosophy from the University of Tartu, she is currently working on her PhD. In the academic year 2004/2005, she studied at the University of Konstanz. In the Spring semester of 2015 she was visiting University of Amsterdam. Since January 2007, Kristi is a member of the Ethics Review Committee on Human Research of the University of Tartu.

E-mail: kristi.louk@ut.ee


Mari-Liisa Parder works in the Centre for Ethics as a project manager since September 2010 and since March 2021 she is also a Reseach Fellow in Ethics and Research Projects Coordinator. Her job includes managing various research projects and participating in them, and research in research ethics and research integrity.

Mari-Liisa graduated in 2008 from University of Tartu in philosophy and in 2011 got her MA in communications management, she obtained her PhD (media and communication) in June 2020. In Spring semester 2015 she was visiting Aarhus University Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research.

E-mail: mari-liisa.parder@ut.ee


Katrin Velbaum worked at the Centre as a Project Manager in 2008 and 2009 and is now back from 2011. She coordinates various value development projects. From 2019 Katrin also works as a Junior Research Fellow in Ethics, and her topics are research ethics, research integrity, and code of conducts for research integrity.

Katrin has her MA in Philosophy from University of Tartu and is currently doing her PhD. In the academic year 2015/2016 she was visiting Ilia State University in Georgia.

E-mail: katrin.velbaum@ut.ee


Helen Hirsnik works at the Centre as a since August 2014. She works in the Centre as Values Development Consultant for Schools and Kindergartens and her job is to co-ordinate the development of the Good School model and to help to organize related events.

Helen has a MA from University of Tartu as Teacher of Several Subjects in Basic School. She has previously worked as a social pedagogue and is currently teaching social pedagogy in University of Tartu.

E-mail: helen.hirsnik@ut.ee


Mari-Liis Nummert works in the Centre for Ethics as a project manager from October 2015. Her job entails coordinating the Good School model and events.

Mari-Liis has graduated from Faculty of Theology in Tartu University and teachers studies in Tallinn University. As a Noored Kooli alumna Mari-Liis has taught history and social science in middle school and continues working as a social science teacher in Sillaotsa School.

E-mail: mari-liis.nummert@ut.ee


Nele Punnar works in the Centre for Ethics as a project manager since October 2015. Her job is to develop the Good School model, put together the database of good practices and to help to organize related events.

Nele has a MA in Education from University of Tartu as Primary School Teacher. She has previously worked as a basic school teacher and CPD coordinator.

E-mail: nele.punnar@ut.ee


Heidy Meriste works in the Centre as an assistant from January 2013. She works at the libarary, writes for the Ethicsweb and helps out in the projects of the Centre. Since September 2020 she also works as a Junior Research Fellow in Ethics, mainly focusing on questions related to moral emotions.

In the academic year 2010/2011 she was in Japan at the Kansai Gaidai University, she has a BA and MA in philosophy from the University of Tartu and is currently doing her PhD there. In spring 2019, Heidy visited the University of Geneva.

E-mail: heidy.meriste@ut.ee


Laura Lilles-Heinsar is an assistant in the Centre since September 2006. Her main tasks include working in the library and updating the Ethicsweb.

She has her BA in theology.

E-mail: laura.lilles-heinsar@ut.ee


Marten Juurik has worked in the Centre since August 2013. He is involved with the development, editing and introducing of the methods of value education; developing and editing instructions about research integrity; research about research ethics and research integrity. Starting from May 2019 he works as Junior Research Fellow in Ethics, mainly focusing on issues related to ethical regulation of research. In 2022, Marten went on to work as Head of the Field of Research Integrity at the Estonian Research Council and will continue to work with a small workload as a Junior Research Fellow in Ethics as an ethics advisor for different research projects.

Marten graduated University of Tartu obtaining his BA in 2012 and MA in 2014 in journalism and communication. Currently, Marten is continuing his doctoral studies in media and communication.

E-mail: marten.juurik@ut.ee


Kertu Rajando works in the Centre for Ethics as an assistant since November 2017. Her job tasks include cataloguing of books and other prints in the library of the Centre for Ethics and Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics, deposition of books and magazines, organizing exposition of recent additions and performing other tasks.

Kertu graduated from the University of Tartu in 2012 with a BA, major in philosophy and minor in psychology. In 2016 Kertu graduated from the University of Tartu with an MA in philosophy.

E-mail: kertu.rajando@ut.ee


Triinu Laan works in the Centre for Ethics as a project manager since November 2021. Her job is to coordinate the project “Tartu World University” that is a part of Tartu 2024 Programme Line Tartu with Europe: Greater Smaller Cities. During the project, community-academy-type public events will take place in Southern Estonia, where researchers, both local and foregin, will talk about the topics chosen by the communities and where the communities can discuss their values.

Triinu graduated from the University of Tartu with a master's degree in cultural management in 2018. She has worked as a cultural organizer since 1998 and has been organizing the Võru-language song festival Uma Pido and other events related to the Võru language and culture.

E-mail: triinu.laan@ut.ee


Anu Tammeleht works in the Centre for Ethics as the Methodologist-Trainer of Research Ethics since September 2022 and as a Research Fellow in Ethics since March 2023. Her tasks include advising students, faculty and research groups alike, creating methodological materials for teaching science ethics, and training.

Currently, Anu is completing her doctoral studies at the University of Helsinki and her research topic is how to support the development of research ethics competencies. Anu has worked as a lecturer since 2018, incl. conducting research ethics trainings for undergraduates, master's, doctoral students and research groups alike. She has also acted as an analyst in research ethics and data management, and been a part of developing and leading the Education Innovation Programme “Proovikivi” since 2018.

E-mail: anu.tammeleht@ut.ee



Kaisa-Maris Hagel works at the Centre for Ethics as a project manager from spring 2023. Kaisa-Maris helps to make sure that people both inside and outside the university know about the exciting projects the University of Tartu Centre for Ethics is working on.

Kaisa is a final-year student of Government and Politics and Communication at the University of Tartu.

Email: kaisa-maris.hagel@ut.ee


Ene Tigas has been working as a project manager for the Ethics Center's "Good School and Good Kindergarten" project since April 2023. Her responsibilities include coordinating training seminars and conferences on value development and education for schools and kindergartens, developing the model for a good school and kindergarten, facilitating counseling and training offerings for schools and kindergartens, and being one of the leaders of the project "Shaping a Values-Based Kindergarten and School Culture to Support the Transition to Estonian-Language Education".

Ene has completed her bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education Pedagogy at the University of Tartu and her master's degree in Communication Management at the University of Tartu.

Email: ene.tigas@ut.ee 


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