Council of the Centre for Ethics

The Board alongside with the Head of the Centre is responsible for managing the activities of the Centre. Members of the Board are appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, based on a proposal by Heads of participating units. Membership of the Board should be made up of professors and scientists active in ethics-related research and teaching. A representative of the students should also be a member, appointed for two years. Other members are appointed for five years. A chairperson will be elected amongst the members of the Board.

Head of the Centre – professor Margit Sutrop

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Science and Technology

Student representative

  • [TBA]

Members invited by the council

  • Administrative Manager for the Centre for Ethics Triin Paaver

International Board of Trustees

Members of the Board of Trustees are appointed for three years by the Rector of the University of Tartu, based on the proposal by the Head of the Centre. The Board consults and advises the activities of the Centre and the members are entitled to receive information about the Centre from the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, the Head of the Centre and the Board of the Centre.

International Board of Trustees of the Centre for Ethics of the University of Tartu has been appointed as follows:

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mittelstrass, University of Konstanz, (chairman)
Prof. Dr. Timo Airaksinen, University of Helsinki
Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen G. Backhaus, University of Erfurt
Prof. Dr. Ruth Chadwick, University of Lancaster
Prof. Dr. Jüri Engelbrecht, Estonian Academy of Sciences
Prof. Dr. Dietrich von Engelhardt, Lübeck Medical University
Prof. Dr. Dr. Eric Hilgendorf, University of Würzburg
Prof. Dr. Dres.h.c. Otto Kaiser, University of Marburg
Prof. Dr. Rait Maruste, European Court of Human Rights

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