Hanna-Annika Kuulmets

Workshop "Ethics of Vaccination" on June 30

The workshop takes place on June 30, 2023, in the Department of Philosophy, Jakobi 2-336.

Holland and Verweij

Stephen Holland and Marcel Verweij


9:30–10:15 Prof Stephen Holland, University of York,
Kant, Vaccines, and State Coercion in Public Health

10:15–11:00 Prof Marcel Verweij, Utrecht University
Is Vaccination Freeriding Unfair?

Stephen Holland is a professor in the Departments of Philosophy and Health Sciences at the University of York, UK. His main research interests are in applied philosophy, especially bioethics and public health ethics. He has published several books on these fields and has written articles on topics as diverse as the ethics of grave re-use and the policy responses to Covid-19.

Marcel Verweij is a professor of philosophical ethics at Utrecht University, Netherlands. He is the co-founder and long-time editor of the Public Health Ethics journal. He has worked for a long time on vaccination ethics, health solidarity, preventive medicine, and health resource allocation issues.

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