Heidy Meriste

Universities of Tartu and Konstanz celebrated 20 years of friendship

From 13 to 15 May, a representative of the Centre for Ethics and the Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics at the University of Tartu visited the University of Konstanz in Germany to celebrate two decades of cooperation and partnership.

During the visit, a number of exciting symposia, presentations and walks took place in the beautiful town next to Boden Lake. Bruno Mölder, the Head of the Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics, took part via Zoom in a symposium on “Artifical Intelligence – Legal and Philosophical Aspects”.

Heidy Meriste, a junior research fellow in ethics at the Centre for Ethics, said that during the visit, the head of the Centre for Ethics Professor Margit Sutrop, who has worked closely with Konstanz during those years, was praised and thanked in several speeches. “It is a great pleasure that the cooperation initiated by Professor Sutrop between our universities has prevailed and is still alive through many generations of philosophers,” added Meriste.

Roheline park, keskel suur lopsakas kuusepuu.

The cooperation agreement between the universities was signed in 2001 and during that period a number of student exchanges and joint research activities have taken place. Prof Margit Sutrop, head of the Centre for Ethics, the University of Tartu, is also an alumni of the University of Konstanz – she defended her doctorate there in 1997. In addition to that, Professor of Philosophy and Science Theory Jürgen Mittelstraß is the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Centre for Ethics. With his initiative, the Volkswagen Stiftung supported the establishment of the Centre and the completion of the library of the Centre for Ethics.