Tartu Ülikooli eetikakeskus


The programme of the Tartu World University includes the following community initiatives:

  • Estonian Movement and Wellbeing Festival in Elva (mental health and physical activity), leader Elva local council;
  • Growing Together Academy in Leevi village (sustainable dwindling, cultural heritage), leader Kagu-Eesti Loodusrahvas NGO;
  • Hemp Conference of the Kanepi Festival (industrial hemp as an agricultural and cultural heritage plant), leader Kanepi local council;
  • Experience day “Special life” in Maarja village (people with special needs in society), leader Maarja Küla Foundation;
  • Mulgi conference in Tõrva (sustainability of Mulgi culture), leader Mulgi Culture Institute NGO;
  • Navi Academy (loneliness in aging and shrinking society), leader Navi Külaselts NGO;
  • Peipsiääre community festival “Bridges” in Kallaste (communities in a multicultural region), leader Peipsiääre local council;
  • Community festival “I know where my food comes from” discussion in Rõuge (organic food and agriculture), leader Rõuge local council;
  • Estonian indigenous languages conference in Setomaa (vitality of Estonian indigenous languages), leader Seto Institute Foundation;
  • Community school design bee in Hargla (sustainability of small (community) schools), leader Sõprade Pool NGO;
  • Conference “Environment, culture and spatial planning” in Valga (environment and culture as components of spatial planning), leader Valga local council;
  • Forum on child-friendly town in Võru (meaning and content of child-friendly image), leader Võru town council.
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